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Edstrom Water Swiggler/Water Buddy 32 oz

Pleasing design is just the beginning, as this spigot style 32 ounce water bottle also has a durable flip-top lid that allows for easy filling without removing it from your pet's home. The opening is large and the lid snaps shut firmly to help keep water fresh.

The spigot dispenses water with the softest of nudges, but does not drip!

This bottle, along with the 16 oz size of the same design, is by far the best water bottle we have EVER come across. The spigot style delivery method is, in our experience, the only REAL no drip solution we've found! Yes, really... NO DRIPS!

This bottle comes with a one year warrenty from the manufacturer against manufacturer defects! At one point these were called the Water Buddy, but the exact same design is now known as the Watter Swiggler.

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*** This item has been discontinued ***

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