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Farnam Flip and Fill Bottle (32 oz) (CLEARANCE)

We've been looking for a large, easy to fill bottle, and we have found it!

* Durable Quick Lock bracket securely fits on vertical or horizontal wires
* No need to remove bottle to fill—just flip up lid and fill from glass or pitcher
* Bottle snaps in and out of bracket for height adjustment and cleaning
* No-drip, spring activated stainless steel valve is easy for bunnies to use, and more reliable than the ball-type bottles

Tips for use: Most bunnies seem to prefer to drink water out of a crock (there are no water bottles in nature, remember). We give our house bunnies and foster rabbits a crock, but we also place these bottles so the spigot hangs above the water bowl. This way they have a choice, and a backup should someone dump the water bowl, or put so many toys into it that they cannot drink (and it DOES happen).

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*** This item has been discontinued ***

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