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Bunny Ball Treat Dispensing Toy

Here is a toy even those buns who don't play with toys will love. The concept is simple; a clear acrylic ball with a noisemaking rattle inside of it. The trick, however, is to insert a small treat inside (use hard, dry pieces of treat, not moist items). Tiny vent holes along with two holes large enough for a tidbit of treat to fall out let the scent of the treat out to entice your rabbit. After a few rolls, your bun will learn that if they roll the ball enough, they will get a treat! These work great with papaya tablets (either whole or broken into smaller pieces), or small pieces of healthy treat such a a non-sugared high fiber cereal.

I need to get a video of Jewels, one of our foster buns, who just goes nuts with this thing, even when there's no treat in it.

Ball meausures 2.5" across, about the size of a tennis ball, and is great for all sizes of bunnies.

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*** This item has been discontinued ***

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