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Marchioro Luna 102 (blue) 52 3/4x26x35

Marchioro is an Italian company that makes a number of products that we find to be very well designed and built. The Marchioro Luna is no exception. The cage is 52 3/4 inches long by 26 inches wide by 35 inches tall (including the legs the cage stands on).

This cage meets the minimum requirements as outlined by the House Rabbit Society and other organizations. We recommend this housing solution for a smaller rabbit, or the rabbit that spends most of his day out and about (and not confined to his cage).

The bottom is a gently sloped plastic grate with a pull out try beneath it. This grate is much less likely to cause foot problems such as the cheap wire bottomed cages, while providing for easy cleanup for bunnies who may not be litter box trained.

The cage comes with a number of accessories, all seen here: a water bottle, an inner shelf with ramp, a hay manger and a sleeping box that is hung outside the cage to provide extra room. The frame of the cage and wire are all metal, and the plastic parts are strong and durable. There are doors on both the top and front, and the legs have casters for ease of moving.

All items sold separately unless otherwise noted in description above.

*** This item has been discontinued ***

While we are very fond of Marchioro products, there were issues with receiving undamaged units that had all the necessary pieces. For that reason, we have chosen to take this product out of our offerings. We are seeking resolutions that may allow us to carry this product again in the future.

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