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Tommy 120 Pet Home

Marchioro products (imported from Italy) are stylish, well built and practical!

The Tommy 120 measures 47" x 23" x 22". It is perfect for a guinea pig, rat or as a car or travel cage for a medium to large sized bunny. (It would be appropriate as a long term home for a dwarf bunny assuming they receive ample outside free run time each day.)

With a durable plastic bottom, which can easily be separated from the rest of the cage, cleaning is easy for even the messiest inhabitant! There is a large front door which opens, and the entire top opens up as well (as shown in the second picture)! These doors close tightly thanks to sturdy clips and a unique design. Two handles are available on the top, although the unit is small enough to carry in your arms easily.

The Tommy 120 comes in various stylish colors and may not be the beige/green as shown in the images here. Each cage comes with the custom fit hard plastic hay manger shown in the picture (to the rear of the cage). Some assembly required, but it is a snap with the handy plastic connectors.

All items sold separately unless otherwise noted in description above.

*** This item has been discontinued ***

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