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Oxbow Papaya Fruit Plus STOCK UP SALE!

What a difference a digit makes! The other day, I made a teensy weensy typo. On my order form I accidentally added a zero to an order of Oxbow Papaya Tablets. This resulted in my receiving one THOUSAND bottles when I only meant to get a hundred…OOPS! Well, sending them back would waste resources and we just don’t do that here at Leith Petwerks. So, we came up with a way better idea. I like papaya tablets, you like papaya tablets, you’re bunny LOVES papaya tablets and they’re good for them. So let’s have a stock up sale! A six pack of Oxbow papaya tablets for only $5.19 per bottle. That’s 540 tablets to keep them happy for a good long time! Available only while supplies last or I keep making typos.

All items sold separately unless otherwise noted in description above.

*** This item has been discontinued ***

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