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Kiosk Open-Front Litter Pan

This unique product is a real blessing for animals that can't jump over the side of a standard litter pan. Older bunnies, injured animals or those with mobility problems often still want to use their litter pans, but simply can't get into them. This product solves the problem!

Measuring 19"x13.5"x4.25" with an open front with a .5" lip, even animals without the use of their rear legs can get into this pan. By piling litter into the opposite side of the pan, mess is minimized and your friend can exercise the good habits he wishes to maintain.

For extra stability, the bottom has four large rubber feet to keep it in place. Another fantastic, well designed high quality product from Marchioro.

This product also has a wide range of additional uses, including a grooming station for small animals, a place to put food bowls for dogs and cats to contain mess, even a safe place for children to do crafts and keep the mess off the table. We can't get enough of this nifty little multi-use product.

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*** This item has been discontinued ***

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