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Rubbermaid high-sided litter pan

This is a fantastic easy-entry litter pan for rabbits young and old alike. I was a little skeptical when I first tried these since, really now, how different can a litter pan be?

Well, I have to tell you, I am absolutely sold on the Rubbermaid litter pans. They are well made, durable, and roomy pans that even finicky rabbits seem to like.

It was a 'miracle' litter pan as easily our messiest foster bunny suddenly became the cleanest and neatest of the bunch once he started using this litter pan. The really high sides kept him from kicking hay and litter outside the pan. I know they are a tad expensive, but in my opinion, they are worth every penny as I now only have to clean my foster bunny's house once a week.

Whether you use this as a litter pan or a hay holder or both, it is a fantastic addition to any bunny's home!

Comes in Gray and yes, it will fit through the door of your Bunny Abode Condo (as do ALL the litter pans we carry) although you will need to pinch the sides together just a bit at the top to get it in the doorway - it will fit through the door though...I know, because I use them with our foster bunnies all the time!

Oh measures approximately 23" long by 18" wide by 11" deep!

HOWEVER, as our bunny friend, Heather, may have to lift the ramp up a bit to put it on the bottom level of a 48" Bunny Abode and it just won't work underneath a ramp on a 36" Bunny Abode. In a 36" Bunny Abode it would need to be located on a second or third level or else try the LP110 that has shorter sides. Thanks for catching that Heather!

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*** This item has been discontinued ***

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