Wire Condo Hinge Top 48 inch (with condo purchase)

Wire Condo Hinge Top 48 inch (with condo purchase)

This is a fantastic addition to any Bunny Abode Condo allowing even more ventilation and making it easier to see and interact with your pets!

Quite simply it is a Bunny Abode Top that has wire mesh (just like the sides of the Bunny Abode) in place of the wood. It is imperative that you not place bags of hay or anything on this top as bunny could reach up and pull it into the condo or eat it.

What a great way to upgrade or remodel your pet's home.

When purchased with a Bunny Abode order this is a replacement for the Standard Top, not in addition to. If you already have a Bunny Abode and want a Wire Condo Top for it you will need to purchase the (without a condo purchase) as this cost is the difference between the Standard Top and the Wire Top option.

All items sold separately unless otherwise noted in description above.

*** This item has been discontinued ***

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