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Gentle Touch Litter .25 cu ft

Gentle Touch is back! One of our absolute favorite litters, Gentle Touch is a product made from 100% natural aspen wood fibers and aspen bark. The bark has amazing odor absorbing properties, so you'll find this litter to be pleasing to your nose. It's very absorbent, so it'll be friendly to your pocketbook as well! It's completely safe for bunnies, and we're very happy to have it back in our stock of products.

Benefits of Gentle Touch:

  • Virtually dust free.
  • Litter stays in the box and does not track versus other litters.
  • Litteris easier to clean up and doubles as a fertile mulch for flower gardens or when tilled into a garden.
  • Economical to use, a single layer is all that is needed.
  • Safe if ingested. Some other products can cause intestinal blockage, respiratory problems and other diseases.
  • Gentle Touch Products provide your pet with a drier and odor controlled environment.
  • Gentle Touch Products extend box or cage cleaning intervals. Many caretakers have reported that Gentle Touch Products last four to five times longer than other products.
  • Gentle Touch Products last 3 to 4 times longer than wood
Litter is bagged in paper; amount is listed as .25 cubic feet which equates to roughly 8 LB of litter.

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*** This item has been discontinued ***

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