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Oxbow Cavy Performance 50# (SALE) Only 2 LEFT!

A high fiber, alfalfa-based diet fortified with nutrients essential for growing, pregnant, and nursing guinea pigs.

Cavy Performance contains optimal protein and calcium levels for body growth and development. The extra calories in Cavy Performance make it the ideal diet for guinea pigs that have problems maintaining weight as a result of old age, illness, or other stress.

Alfalfa hay, a natural forage, provides the fiber necessary to maintain your guinea pig's intestinal health. This makes Cavy Performance the veterinarians' number one choice for your growing, pregnant, or nursing guinea pig.

Guinea pigs require daily supplementation with vitamin C. Cavy Performance includes Stay C-35, a stabilized form of vitamin C that has a 6-month shelf life. Each 1/8 cup of Cavy Performance contains 22 mg of vitamin C.

To guarantee that your guinea pig is consuming an adequate amount of vitamin C, be sure your pet is eating the amount of Cavy Performance described on the package. If your guinea pig is consuming less than the amount listed, you may need to supplement with additional vitamin C.

Cavy Performance is an excellent complete feed for guinea pigs and should be fed with unlimited fresh grass hay such as Timothy, Orchard, Oat or Brome Grass Hay.

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*** This item has been discontinued ***

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