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Holiday Gift Stocking with Goodies

Be sure to celebrate with your specially bunny... no need to wait until a certain day of the year! This adorable holiday stocking is a cute and economical gift for your bunnies, or for a friend with bunnies. This item saves a little over the cost of purchasing these items separately, and comes with a free stocking!
This package includes all you see in the picture, which is:

  • Holiday stocking with snowman head (after giving contents to your rabbit, please retain the stocking for your use; it is not intended to be a toy in itself)
  • Natural Willow Ball - Small
  • Pet Sticks Fruit Wood Cookies 2 oz
  • Baby Bites Cardboard Chews (10 pack)
  • Fruity Chew - Small
  • Wooden Dumbbell Bunny Toy
  • Levi's Mind Bender
  • Roly Poly bunny
  • Natural pinecones

All items sold separately unless otherwise noted in description above.

*** This item has been discontinued ***

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