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Color Kits - Purple

Are you looking for a way to spice up your Bunny Abode? Well, we located some really awesome and colorful trim accessories to help do just that! Change out the regular gray door trim with something a bit more colorful and exciting. It is really easy to do.

Just pull off the Gray trim and snap the colored ones in their place. All are precut to fit our regular Bunny Abodes.

Each set is enough for one doorway and one door, so one set per Bunny Abode level will do it!

Mix-and-match them...want Bright Blue for the top level and Purple for the bottom problem. Want one doorway Black with a Red problem...just get one set of each color. It is all up to YOU!

Available in: Red, Bright Blue, Navy Blue, Purple, Black, and Original Gray.

All items sold separately unless otherwise noted in description above.

*** This item has been discontinued ***

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