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CareFresh Ultra 10 liter (CLEARANCE)

CareFresh Ultra is similar to the traditional CareFresh bedding... but it's better! This distinctive bedding that helps your pets look their best. The bright white color creates a dazzling space that makes it easier to keep an eye out on output, and is also great for use with post-op bunnies that need an extra soft, extra clean environment. It is also lower "dust" then the traditional CareFresh, and is great for use in households where humans or animals have allergies or are sensitive to particulars in the air.

Because it has all of the odor-controlling benefits of the original Carefresh Pet Bedding, you can count on your pet having the cleanest, safest, most attractive home around. Superior odor control stops ammonia formation up to two times longer than traditional bedding. Powerful absorbency allows bedding to absorb up to three times its weight in liquid without falling apart, packing, or becoming mushy. Safe for you and your pet. Carefresh Ultra has been sanitized to 380 degrees (F) to kill bacteria, mold, and fungus. Carefresh is also free of the aromatic hydrocarbons found in pine and cedar shavings. Biodegradable and easy to dispose of. Carefresh Ultra is made from wood pulp and can be safely composted, incinerated, landfilled, or flushed. Apply one to three inches of Carefresh Ultra to the bottom of your pet's litter box or habitat. Change soiled litter every other day or as needed.

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*** This item has been discontinued ***

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