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Bunnies Mini 2006 Wall Calendar

Bunnies... so small, so furry, and gentle (well, sometimes); but let's not forget so wiley, so mischievous... but it all ads up to SO LOVEABLE! Those long ears, those large eyes... How cute! How loveable! But keeping a bunny as a pet is a big responsibility, and this calendar may make the perfect gift for those who love bunnies but haven't made the leap to add a rabbit to their household. Perhaps enjoying this charming 2006 mini wall calendar is a good first step.

Adorn your space with twelve months of adorable rabbits. Each month in 2006 features a new rabbit, and this calendar features a varity of colors and types of Netherland Dwarf rabbits only. You even get a bonus image for even more fun!

Calendar measures 6 inches x 6 inches and makes a great small gift, or way to brighten up a small workspace. ISBN: 0-7631-8701-1.

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*** This item has been discontinued ***

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