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Critter Carrots 4oz

A high fiber, low protein treat your bunnies, guinea pigs or chinchillas will love! The sugars have been removed, making this a wonderful treat alternative! Critter Carrots are created by removing the juice and sugar from the carrot to produce a high fiber pulp that is healthier than raw carrots.Critter Carrots are better than feeding raw carrots, which have a high phosphorus content. During the juicing process the phosphorus is removed and the result is a healthier, positive calcium to phosphorus ratio.

Critter Carrots will absorb 9 times their weight in water and are wonderful for soft feeding presentation for pets on soft food diets.

100% Carrot (Critter Carrots are a product of nature and no artificial color is added to this product. Color and intensity variation is expected due to yearly growing and harvest conditions.)

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*** This item has been discontinued ***

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