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Bunnycat Cardboard Hideout

Bunnycat? What's a bunnycat...Ok...these were made to give cats a place to hide out and get away from it all, but they are fabulous for bunnies. I know, because ours love it!

So, they have entrances that look like a cat outline, but if you sort of squint it could just as easily be a Netherland Dwarf...they have short little ears too! Plus, our bunnies just modify the openings as they see fit. At this're crazy not to get a few!

Or...get a 25 pack (BH262) and save a whole lot more!

Size: 16" long x 8" wide x 9" high (so it isn't for the big bunnies, but is great for small bunnies, guinea pigs, etc.). Has three doorways which the bunnies love to modify.

All items sold separately unless otherwise noted in description above.

*** This item has been discontinued ***

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