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48 in. Bunny Abode Apartment (CLEARANCE)

This single level home for your rabbit, guinea pig, ferret, chinchilla, pet rat or other small pet is designed for those who may not be litter box trained. The bottom is a 3" tall galvanized pan, which allows you to use a litter over the entire bottom, or to utilize a litter box in a corner and still have an easy to clean area should your pet pee outside the litter box.

You might also consider this as a travel home for your pet when you can't take a larger Bunny Abode Condo with you.

The home is 24 inches tall allowing for plenty of room to hop around and periscope up for a look around. Overall measurements are 48 inches wide by 23 inches deep by 24 inches tall. This item sets directly on the floor and has no casters on the bottom.

The walls are attached to the bottom tray with spring loaded finger hooks which make for easy assembly. As such, they are not meant to be stacked or have items placed on top of them.

This product is single level only and can NOT be used with Bunny Abode Condo products such as the add-on levels.

This is not a cage, nor is this a hutch. It is intended for indoor use with rabbits or other small animals, as a place for them to be safe and comfortable. As such, we call them homes, as will your pet.

All items sold separately unless otherwise noted in description above.

*** This item has been discontinued ***

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