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Bulk Bag Toast Treats

Same GREAT shape AND lower price!

It was just amazing the amount of labor time it took to make the oval toasts. By making squares instead we can make them much more quickly and save YOU a lot of money!

Good treats for your bunny and you saves money...what's not to like? The bunnies don't care what shape they come in as long as you keep them coming! There's approximately 150 3/4 inch square shaped toast treats in each bag. Enough to keep you in the good graces of your bunny for a long time. Resealable bag for freshness.

Our treats are small enough that you can give a couple a day to your pet bunny or other small pet. Just remember, as with all is a treat, you don't want to spoil their dinner.

Watch out...Billy and Charmin both snatch these out of our hands so fast we have to check to make sure they left our fingers!

There's no high fructose corn syrup in our toast, just wholesome toasty goodness.

This item is Made in the USA!

All items sold separately unless otherwise noted in description above.

Price: $8.99


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