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Hay Pack - Supreme (20% OFF!)

This SUPREME pack has six types of hay!

Bunnies benefit from a variety of hay types in several ways. For one, it keeps them from getting bored with just one type of hay. You wouldn't want to eat just one food all the time and neither would they. So, mix it up a bit and keep them happy!

Additionally, it is just a really good idea to get your bunny used to other hays in case one type isn't as good one year. Hay is a natural product and is therefore subject to the whims of nature. So, one year timothy may be perfect, but the next year it may be somewhat less stellar. Yet, you need your bunny to eat some hay to help balance their gut system. Then is not the time to be trying to convince them to try another type of hay.

This collection gives you a great value at 20% off, and a great variety: 

  • Alfalfa 15 oz
  • Oat Hay 15 oz
  • Orchard Grass 15 oz
  • Timothy Hay 15 oz
  • Botanical Hay 15 oz
  • Organic Timothy/Meadow Hay 15 oz

Start by giving your bunny a little bit of each type on a daily basis. At first they may look suspiciously at one they have not tried before, but give them time and they will enjoy the variety.

The Hay Pack - Supreme...a 15 ounce bag of each of ALL SIX hay varieties at a whopping 20% OFF.

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*** This item has been discontinued ***

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