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Mat Pack Spectacular (15% OFF!)

Bunnies like variety, you like variety. So why not get it at a discount?

The Mat Pack Spectacular consists of one each of the Oxbow small timothy mat, Oxbow large timothy mat, a Busy Bunny small seagrass mat and a Busy Bunny extra-large seagrass mat.

Then just to make it even better, we give YOU a 15% discount on the whole thing! By giving your bunnies different scents, tastes and textures, you keep them entertained, stimulated, and happy. Some buns will enjoy one type of mat for shredding, another for napping... and some will just destroy them all. That's good, though, as these items are totally safe for your bunny to chew and even eat!

All items sold separately unless otherwise noted in description above.

*** This item has been discontinued ***

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