Important Information About Oxbow Professoinal Line Products

Oxbow requires that Critical Care and Carnivore Care be used only under the direct supervision of a veterinarian. The product does not require a prescription, nor does it contain any medicinal component. We believe that Oxbow makes this statement in good faith, for reasons both business related and out of a concern for the wellfare of animals.

Critical Care is a great product for helping herbivores recovering from illness, or providing the best quality of life for special needs animals such as those with dental issues or those requiring hand feeding. Likewise, Carnivore Care has many applications for carnivores as well. The unfortunately reality is that sometimes, either out of lack of understanding, irresponsibility or dire situations, people may try to take a shortcut and use a product such as this without having first sought appropriate medical care to fully understand what is actually ailing their animal. And that can be a deadly choice. There is no medication of any sort within Critical Care or Carnivore Care.

We do offer Critical Care and Carnivore Care for sale, however in following Oxbow's wishes, we require that customers indicate if they are a veterinarian, acknowledge that their rabbit is under the direct care of a veterinarian who is directing the use of Critical Care or Carnivore Care, OR state that they are trained and experienced wildlife rehabilitation or fostering staff that has the knowledge and experience to use Critical Care or Carnivore Care for the benefit of an animal needing it. By ordering any Critical Care or Carnivore Care products, you are stating that you are indeed using the product as Oxbow directs.