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BrusterOctober 10, 2013 - IN THIS ISSUE:

A Great Pumpkin Full of New Products!
Gallery of Beautiful Buns
Hoppy Halloween Online Fun

CarrotA Great Pumpkin Full of New Products
by Scot Leith

We've been proud to be partners with Oxbow Animal Health since way back in the day! They continue to innovate, and while you might think what on earth could you do to innovate in HAY, here is a product that we LOVE.

Oxbow Hay Stacks

Oxbow Harvest Stacks are compressed pucks of long strand hay that are wound around tightly. You take one out of the box, twist and pull it apart, and you end up with a mound of loose hay, all without the dust, mess, or huge bags and boxes lying around. These are perfect for those with limits on storage space, and anyone who hates hay dust.

Even better, they come in three different "flavors."

The different texture, and the added attraction of the carrots or chamomile may be just the thing to tempt buns who are not (yet) hay eaters, or those who need a little more "motivation" to eat such as older buns or those recovering from illness. Check 'em out!

Oxbow also has three new supplements to keep your little guy or gal happy and healthy. They are highly palatable treats, so it's one way to interact with your bun that's fun AND healthy. But they aren't just for buns, their formulas are good for a number of small animals including guinea pigs and chinchillas.

Oxbow Natural Science - Vitamin C Supplement

Oxbow Natural Science - Vitamin C Supplement Oxbow Natural Science - Vitamin C Supplement

Vitamin C Supplement

Skin & Coat

Senior Support

Earthbath Ear Wipes Earthbath Ear Wipes

Earthbath Ear Wipes or Earthbath Eye Wipes are gentle, convenient towelettes that are great to have on hand for a quick freshen up, or to help those buns who are dealing with a healing eye or ear issue. (Please see your veterinarian if you have any redness of the ears or discharge from the eyes, or any other symptoms!)

Earthbath Ear Wipes

We have a lovely selection of cards showing the art of Melody Lea Lamb. Size A4  (4 1/4" x 5 1/2") cards and envelopes, cards are blank inside. You can buy them individually! Just click the card you want in the image above to go to our catalog!


Carrot Gallery of Beautiful Buns
by Amy Young-Leith

Thanks to Mike B. for sharing his lovely Natasha Rabbitova (a five-year-old mini-Rex) and her friend Butter (a fifteen-year-old stuffie). Is she putting the moves on Butter, or what!? Love this "action shot." I can't stop smiling when I see this picture.

You're our winner this month, Mike, so we are sending you and Natasha a lovely little gift basket to share!

Send me YOUR best bunny photo (cute, funny, all of the above), and you might win!! Just drop me an email at amy@leithpetwerks.com.

CarrotHoppy Halloween Online Fun
by Amy Young-Leith

Mixing pumpkin carving and bunnies!
Bunny pumpkinA quick Google yields some awesome pumpkin carving results, including this one which was done freehand. It's simple, but effective. You can get the 3d effect of the cheek contour by carving on the INSIDE of the pumpkin; scrape out the areas where you want MORE light to come through to be thinner!

I love this simple, but spooky, design! Image is from the blog http://www.barneyandjemima.co.uk/.

Can rabbits eat raw or cooked pumpkin?
A very timely question. Pumpkins... those are vegetables, right? Nope! Pumpkins, along with all types of winter squash, are fruits! If that weren't surprising enough, they are actually a berry! (Sometimes a VERY large berry!) Don't believe me? Read up on pumpkins and berries on Wikipedia!

Whatever you call it, YES, rabbits can eat raw or cooked pumpkin. However, whether it's a bite straight off the jack-o-lantern OR a bit of pureed pumpkin, make it a very small treat. It's high in carbs (starch and sugar), like candy for bacteria in the gut which can cause gas and diarrhea (as can any high carb veggie, such as carrots). While it's not unsafe or dangerous for your rabbit to eat it, too much could upset their tummy. Like all treats, feed sparingly!

Most rabbits DO love it, which is why pureed pumpkin is sometimes used in feeding sick, recovering or elderly bunnies. They might be very tempted to eat it (with some pellets or chopped hay mixed in) whereas they might be ignoring their normal food.

Not Halloween related, but so adorably cute!
A little cockatiel sings to her long eared friend!

Help your bun get their pumpkin on
We have a huge selection of yummy treats, and a few that are just right for this season!

Bunny Money!

Bunny Money Gift Certificates — always the perfect gift!

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