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Where Do Pet Bunnies Come From?
Vacation Villas Are Back!
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CarrotWhere Do Pet Bunnies Come From?
by Scot Leith

They come from a bunny rescue, of course! There are oodles (that’s a technical term for lots) of bunnies available for adoption out there and every time you adopt rather than buy a bunny, you are saving a life.

Wow, sounds like a bit of a guilt trip there, and it kind of is. I will admit that our first bunny, Dinkum, was one we bought from a pet store. We didn’t know any better back then, in 1992. We didn’t even know rabbit rescues existed back then, and not so many did as they do now. We learned, though; and Amy became an HRS Educator way back when!

While numbers are hard to pin down, there are an estimated 4.1 to 5.3 million pet rabbits in the United States. Many are spayed and neutered, but many are not and rabbits tend to breed like, well, rabbits. As a result, there are lots of rabbits that end up in shelters and rescues across the country.

Through our lives, we’ve seen the vast difference between how rabbits are viewed from small rural farm towns to urban cities. We are realists. We do not support the breeding of rabbits for show or sale. Not all shelter/rescues are good (and it’s tough to say, but you could even say that not all breeders are bad). This makes your job all the harder once you have decided you want to add a bunny to your life or your family. You should do some  research and legwork to find a particular shelter or rescue that meets with your personal philosophy.

You’ll have to ask yourself some questions:

  • Why do you want a pet bunny?
  • Are you ready for a 10 year or longer commitment?
  • Can you afford this pet? Not only the daily costs, but the need to have some set aside for health problems, or emergencies?
  • Can you devote the time daily for a pet rabbit?
  • Are you willing to do the research to learn how to properly care for your new family member?

Shelters and rescues all across the country are filled with lots of viable rabbits. If you’re drawn to any particular breed, type, size, sex, or color, there’s a group somewhere that has some that are looking for a good home. A lot of times, you’ll want to seek out a local  rescue group as your local animal shelter may not take rabbits, as many don’t in large portions of the U.S. 

My reasoning for advocating adopting from a shelter/rescue rather than buying from a breeder is simple. I like animals, lots of animals, all kinds of animals. I want them to be a part of my life as a companion, as a family member. I don’t care that they have papers or some kind of pedigree. It is simply that they need a home and that I want to provide that home for them for the rest of their life. A breeder has other motivations. Their motivation is often to sell rabbits. Many will sell rabbits to be used as food (by humans or animals) as readily as they will sell them for pets. This just doesn’t match my philosophy, and that’s ok, because…

I will be getting my (next) lagomorphic or canine family member from a shelter or rescue! If you aren't in a position to add another rabbits to your household, consider making contact with a local rescue group to volunteer, or to help support their endeavor. Even small donations of time, supplies, or money help a great deal! You'll meet some great people, and help out some wiggly little noses.

Carrot Vacation Villas Are Back!
by Amy Young-Leith

Vacation VillaThat's right! One of our favorite products, especially loved by those in fostering where multiple buns need lots of options for exploring and exercise, is back in stock.

I stumbled across this adorable video of a rabbit working hard on some renovations on a Vacation Villa on Flickr. (I can't find a way to display this video HERE, so you'll have to follow the link.) It's a great accompaniment to this announcement

People have been asking, and we apologize for the wait, but we promise it's worth it! A brand spanking new stack of these is WAY over Scot's head (I know -- I had to be on the ladder to help him stack them) and we are packaging them to send to you!

Order one today! Or, order a few and donate them to your favorite rescue organization. We also sell "twelve packs" for organizations wanting to buy a bunch, or for use at events as raffle items, etc.

The photo below shows nine. We had 525 delivered! (Of course they are flat packed. But still... that's A LOT!)

CarrotOnline Fun
by Amy Young-Leith

Return of the Photo Contest!
Send us a photo of your bun, and you would win! Send us a good quality photo of your bunny, and if we chose it for use in the BunFun, we'll send you a FREE gift basket for your bun. Just send your photos to amy@leithpetwerks.com and I'll put them in the pot of potential winners. Send us a photo every month if you like! I'll keep previously submitted photos for consideration! [Fine Print: you can only win once a year. :) ]

This month's winner is Benny and Nibbles! Their bunmom, Lauren, sent us this adorable photo of this cute couple.

Benny and Nibbles

Watch your email, Lauren, for a message so we can get your little gift basket to you!

I love coffee.
And who wouldn't love coffee if it looked like THIS?

Espresso coffee art rabbit

CarrotHelp Us Spread the Word about Petwerks!
by Amy Young-Leith

Photo from The Oregonian Help us spread the word about our unique housing and great selection of rabbit supplies for companion house rabbits. If your rescue, veterinarian, foster and adoption or public education event has a spot for information, we would be happy to send business cards, post cards, brochures and some easy-to-pick-up piece fun freebies such as fridge magnets, cups, pencils, pens, temporary tattoos, etc. for your attendees to snag! (Exact items will vary based on intended usage and availability.)

If you have an area in your adoption center where information is available, or if you are a veterinarian with counter space, we'd also be happy to send you a Promo Pack!

Requesting one is easy -- just complete the online request form!

(We are sorry, but due to the cost of these marketing items, we cannot provide them to individuals.)


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