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BrusterApril 22, 2013: Smell Spring in the Air!

Condo NOW, 6 Months to Pay!
Gallery of Beautiful Buns!

CarrotCondo NOW, 6 Months to Pay!

Many customers from our 17 years in business write to tell us how they are still using their Bunny Abode Condo 10, 12 even 15 years later. They speak of how happy they are to have made the investment, as it was worthy every penny! Here's a great way to get your condo NOW, but ease the payment of that investment: Use PayPal's Bill Me Later feature to get no payments, and no interest or fees on purchases over $99 as long as the balance is paid off in six months!

A great way to use such as offer is to make your purchase, divide the total cost by five and then make a payment of that amount each month. This makes sure you pay it off on time, and pay nothing extra, but you get your big fancy order NOW, but only pay a little each month. Or, if you have a bonus coming in a few months, pay nothing until then, and pay it all off at once. As long as you pay it off within six months, there's no interest.

Check out with PayPal and choose Bill Me Later. Subject to credit approval. See Terms.

Carrot Gallery of Beautiful Buns
by Amy Young-Leith

My mailbox is FULL of lovely lagomorphs. It was hard choosing for this month, so I chose TWO, and kept with the theme of buns chillaxing in their new homes. That's right: these buns are happy new residents of their very own Bunny Abode House Rabbit Condo!

This from Richard:

We are the Texas family with the space challenged lionhead trio… thank you again for shipping so promptly. Condo and supplies arrived yesterday. Wow, it is huge! Bunnies are sooooooo happy, and truly loving their new home! Lots of blinkies and thankful bunny kisses. Definitely an investment for condo and accessories, but must admit it really seems worth it. Products all well thought out, and will definitely make care easier. Our bunnies have always been very sweet and enjoy interacting with us, but we could immediately see how much the appreciated the space and being able to be up higher.

Very happy with our purchase and the customer service received.

Michelle and Cody shared this with us:

I just wanted to say that after seeing our friend's bunny condo, we couldn't help but instantly want one for our bunny, Kimber. I came home and ordered it that night. (The double condo and some accessories). I was amazed with how fast we received it and even more amazed with how easily it went together!! The craftsmanship of your bunny condo is beautiful!! I would and will highly recommended this set up to everyone! Thank you so much for everything. Kimber thanks you too!

You guessed it -- both of these famlies will receive a special little treat from Petwerks for their bunnies!

Would YOU like to win? Submit your photos! It's simple, just drop me an e-mail.

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