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BrusterJune 1, 2011: It's a Spring and/or Summer Sale!
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A Sale for the Season
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CarrotA Sale for the Season
by Amy Young-Leith

Readers of our blog saw the exciting sale price on the Bunny Playland - Ultimate Play Center... 15% off on the package that gives you everything you need to create a fun playspace for your house rabbit! We're continuing this fantastic sale price on one of our most popular items so you can grab one for yourself... but don't forget it also makes a great gift for a new house rabbit owner, or a fantastic donation to your local shelter or rabbit rescue!




We're calling it the Spring and/or Summer Sale because -- well, we don't know about where you are, but summer is slow to come here in the PNW. With more rain, and temps falling well below the averages, we're wondering if summer is going to get here. Friends in the east are baking in the early arrival of scorching temps. All over people are saying, "Hey, this isn't normal!" Whatever you've got, be thankful it isn't tornadoes like friends and family in the midwest have been experiencing. I grew up in Indiana... I saw my fair share of those growing up!

If you already have the Bunny Playland - Ultimate Play Center or are looking for something smaller to entertain your rabbit, check out the other items we've placed on sale!

Sale bunny!
Sale bunny!

And those of you with super frugal buns will always appreciate our page of Clearance items! Petwerks only carries the best awesome items, so even our clearance stuff is great!

CarrotShow Us You Like Us!
by Amy Young-Leith

FacebookIn the scheme of social marketing, we are a bit behind in putting up a Facebook page. But, so many people were asking us to do so we couldn't resist. Not much is up there now, aside from some adoring comments by satisfied customers, but we hope you can help us jazz it up a bit!

Visit us on Facebook, like our page, and on June 15, 2011 we'll select one winner randomly from those who have "liked" us who will receive a Petwerks fan-pack (t-shirt, pencils, and a little gift for your rabbit, too), AND a grand prize winner who will get a Vacation Villa from those who "like" us AND leave something cute and amusing on our wall (please keep it PG-13 and rabbit related). We especially love to hear stories of the many happy customers who have our Bunny Abode House Rabbit Condos and are still enjoying them after 5, 10 and even 15 years of use!

CarrotLend a Paw and Get a Sneak Peek
by Amy Young-Leith

Our web site is like our condos: very durable and long lasting. As the resident geek/graphic designer/web programmer in the family, the Petwerks web site and all our digital communications have always been my doing. Our site has been ultimately reliable, dependable and served us and our customers well. It's time for a fresh look and some new features, however. As that work gets going, I'd like to bring together a small group of "beta testers" to sample the new site look and feel, to be ready for testing later this summer. If you would be interested in lending your eyes, mice and keyboards for just a small amount of time, I'd greatly appreciate it. If you are interested, simply send me an email and let me know the following:

  • What platform do you use: Mac or PC?
  • What is your web browser of choice?
  • Do you have any past usability testing experience?

I'll need a variety of people, so anyone who is interested should drop me a line. Thanks to all who help out -- you'll receive a little thank you in return for your hard work!

CarrotShow Us Your Buns
by Amy Young-Leith

We love sharing the joy our products bring to the lives of bunnies and their owners, and our friends and customers likewise love sharing pictures of their buns! Send us your photo or story about your house rabbit, and you could win! Each issue I choose at least one winner who will receive a FREE gift basket of Petwerks products for human and bunny alike! Each issue, I look through ALL submissions, so you have more than one chance to win!

This month we are gifting Krystal and her adorable buns Mini lop Flop and brown bun Sweetie! A beautiful girl in the great outdoors (safely, of course) with her adorable friends.




CarrotOnline Fun
by Amy Young-Leith

Origami Bunny Favor Boxes
Almost too adorable for words! A great rainy day project with kids. Yeah, kids. Or the kid in yourself! If paper folding is new to you, you might want to try your hand at some simple origami folds first, then just run through this video slowly and back it up to re-show sections. Fun!

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