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The Near and Far of Shipping Costs
An Important Note About Critical Care
Why is Variety of Hay So Important?
Enter to WIN the Big Easter Basket!
The Dedham Bunnies Are Multiplying

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CarrotThe Near and Far of Shipping Costs
by Scot Leith

We do NOT ship via this carrier. It's a great pleasure to be able to deliver our condos to people all over the world. Rather amazing, really, that we can give a package to our awesome UPS driver, Darcy, and within a few days it can be all the way across the United States, and in just a few more days it can be halfway across the world.

Yes, shipping costs. It's a real overhead business cost that is never really free. Some places do offer "free shipping," but you'll find that they charge more for the actual items, and/or they offer fewer services to support their products and customers. It's a fact: The shipper charges the business for their service, and the business has to make that up, somehow.

We play it fair and square: the cost of shipping your order to you is what you pay. It's that simple. And while I admire the ingenuity of the gentleman on the bike shown above, let me assure you that we do NOT use him to ship our packages!

Santa and UPS... something in common. Often people call and want to know why it costs $X to ship Item Y to them. Shipping is a service that is calculated based on WEIGHT and SIZE and DISTANCE. So if you are near to our home base of Turner, Oregon and you purchase a light, small item, then your shipping cost will be small. If you are on the east coast and purchase a large, heavy item, your shipping price will be larger.

Luckily, our shopping cart does all the math for you on the fly. You can tinker with your cart, add/remove items, and change shipping options and see the cost, all before you finalize and place your order.

Our default service for domestic delivery is UPS Ground, the most economical option. If you want it faster, such as 3 Day Select, 2nd Day Air or even Next Day Air you can have it... for a price. The best way to save on shipping is to purchase all the items you want and need for the foreseeable future; three small orders will cost more to ship than one order containing all of those items. You might even try combining orders with friends to save on shipping.

It's true that shipping costs on Bunny Abode House Rabbit Condos can seem high. But when you remember that we make the largest, most well-built rabbit homes ever created, it makes sense. Bigger. Heavier. Stronger. BETTER. The cost of the product plus shipping will seem a very small amount when you consider the fact that your Bunny Abode House Rabbit Condo will serve your rabbit for his or her entire life, and longer. We have customers with some of our original condos, now over 15 years old, and they are still going strong!

Applying the same logic, the further away you are from us here in Turner, Oregon, the longer it will take to get your package. Take a quick look at our custom UPS Transit Time Map.

CarrotAn Important Note About Critical Care
by Amy Young-Leith

Critical Care ProductOxbow Animal Health (formerly just Oxbow Hay) was one of the first companies to take rabbit nutrition seriously. They remain one of our favorite companies. They make a very important product that veterinarians, shelters, animal rescue and sanctuary staff/volunteers rely upon to provide nutrition to sick and special needs bunnies (and other herbivores). Oxbow Critical Care is a vital component of any bunny emergency kit. However, use of this product for the regular house rabbit owner needs to be done under the supervision of a veterinarian. Critical Care is considered an "herbivore emergency food" and can be mixed into a paste of varying consistencies for syringe feeding to buns who will not eat, or presented in soft paste form to buns who cannot eat pellets due to teeth/mouth issues or illness/surgery recovery.

Oxbow is diligent about who they allow to sell Critical Care, and how they let them do it. We are required to have people acknowledge that they understand the following:

Pet owners should not use this product without the supervision of a veterinarian.
Behaviors such as lack of appetite are almost always a symptom of a very serious underlying problem which may be life threatening, and should be assessed by a qualified veterinarian immediately. This product should not be used as a treat, nor as a standard dietary supplement.

If you have a rabbit who you feel needs special nutritional support such as Critical Care, do so under the direction of a veterinarian. And if you are caring for a special needs bun for the first time, please make sure YOU have ample support and training from your veterinarian or experience rabbit rescuer. Something as simple as syringe feeding can be a challenge, and if done incorrectly can result in additional serious health problems. So... be safe out there! Be prepared, and make sure you buns have proper veterinary care if they aren't their usual perky selves.

(And I can tell you from experience: the first time you need to syringe feed a rabbit, you'll have Critical Care on the walls, in your hair, splattered on the floor, on your clothes... way more on you than in the rabbit!)

CarrotWhy Is Variety of Hay So Important?
by Scot Leith

Are you sick of hearing me say it yet: feeding your rabbit a variety of hay types and textures is very important. Why? Well first off, bunnies enjoy, and NEED the variety in their diet. They enjoy exploring the different scents, tastes, and textures. But most importantly: the reality is that Mother Nature is NOT consistent! Hay, even the BEST hay from the BEST sources, will vary from one growing season to the next.

A field of hay.

So if your bun is used to eating only ONE type of hay... sooner or later you are going to have a problem because that hay will change, and if your bun hasn't been "trained" to eat variety... well then they're going to act like the spoiled three year old you've allowed them to be, and they aren't going to eat it.

Hence the not-so-uncommon frantic call from a bunny slave freaking out because Pookums won't eat "the new hay" that is a little less soft, or a little less green, than "their usual hay." I've known people to spend hours, days, even WEEKS in search of the perfect replica hay that their bun is used to. This isn't good for the person OR the bunny!

You wouldn't let your four year old get away with picking the marshmallows out of their Lucky Charms just because that's what they liked best. Or eat nothing but macaroni and cheese, just because that's what they liked. And it's so important to get your rabbit used to variety.

For young buns just starting out, that's easy. Just offer a variety, they'll try it all, and while everybun will find their favorites that they'll eat first, they will likely be less picky. For the older bun whose habits may be more ingrained... changing them will take time, patience and perserverance. Offer the variety, mixing the new item into their usual, and leave it there. Keep replacing it with fresh stuff, mixing more and more of the new stuff in. Trust me, in time even the most stubborn bun will bend, or perhaps they get the "new" stuff simply by a mistaken lip-stretch and... "Hey, that's not so bad! NOM NOM NOM."

But don't worry: branching out does not have to be a huge investment. You can purchase APD Hay in 10 ounce bags and Oxbow Hay varieties in 15 ounce bags of a number of Oxbow hay varieties for a very low cost! Add a few to your next order and let the sampling begin! Check out our hay selection!

CarrotEnter to WIN the Big Easter Basket!
by Amy Young-Leith

Who doesn't like a big free gift basket? Well, judging from the response to our upcoming award of The Fantastic Big Basket (the name is much less snazzy than the prize, I assure you), EVERYONE does. So we've decided to keep the running open. Here are the ways you can enter to WIN this prize!

Order any of our gift baskets! There's nothing for you to do other than place your order; we'll keep track and pick a winner at random, but your entries are weighted by the number of baskets you've ordered, whether you order once or ten times in the period between now and March 31, 2012.

Win this big basket of goodies for Easter

And we have another special prize we are cooking up for those that help us grow our social networking presence!

Each month we'll pick ONE random winner for a free small goodie basket from those who do any of the items listed above.

CarrotThe Dedham Bunnies Are Multiplying
by Scot Leith

Bunny HeadHave you ever seen a pottery item made with a beautiful blue glaze adorned with distinctive form of a crouching rabbit? Perhaps you are lucky enough to own a piece of Dedham Pottery! Produced in Massachusetts from 1896 to 1943, the pottery is beautiful, and the name and style lives on through reproduction work made by other potters. The name and trademark of the original company now belong to the Dedham Historical Society. And Dedham is launching a lovely public art project that will deposit 4 ft. tall white fiberglass bunnies all over Dedham in Spring 2012. The fiberglass buns are made by Cowpainters, who after launching the public art craze of super sized critters invading a city 13 years ago, are now turning out 15 big buns for artists to decorate in the community of Dedham.

We can't wait to see the results! Follow the project on their Facebook page!

Bunny Pottery

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